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My goal is to help you understand your business, your customers, your competitors, through detailed research, analysis, & insight.


I listen, learn, audit, optimise & deliver a bespoke version of this to match your business needs. I'll take the time to understand your company and competitors. I'll conduct various micro audits to inform me on achieving your goals.

Fine Controls


After in-depth CRO research, product, keyword analysis and producing a website audit, the strategy shifted its focus to producing high-value technically minded content and better technical optimisation on the product-specific pages for Siemens and Burkert products and build a new China brochure website to help target the Asian marketplace.


Fine Controls achieved incredible returns and were able to place a larger focus on organic sources - which enabled them to have a more cost-efficient approach to their marketing.

Fine Controls overall revenue YOY increased by 56%



The client had never had a website before. It was a plunge into the un-known. The main aim of the website was to be found for all the areas the client covered. After understanding this a small brochure website was built in order to display the services and costings the client provided. The colours, branding and styling were left down to me.


On site completion and indexation by Google, the website was in the top 3 for every area the client wanted to target. The client now has another method of contact via the contact form and integration with their email client. It was so successful in generating enquiries the client decided to remove some areas to make less traveling while still full each weekend the services were available.

Data Centurion


Due to online privacy being controlled by the large corporates and using, sharing and using the data without consent I decided to build a new website analytics solution that did not track visitors to client websites.


The final product was launched and the site is fully automated so it does not need to be looked after. It is a new project that has already gained some traction within the digital agency marketplace. After 1 week of launch it now tracks over 30 websites, growing by the day. I want to make a difference and this was just the start. I have now added a non-tracking search engine to the Data Centurion portfolio. I will also be offering cyber security services in the coming months (watch this space).