SEO Statistics that will shock you

Technical SEO isn’t optional anymore. To succeed in a competitive environment, you need to make sure that your tech stack is an asset, not a burden. I have gathered the following stats from around the web to show statistics that will surprise you and make you realise you need a digital marketing specialist to assist with your online marketing to succeed.

2021 SEO Statistics

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.” It’s the practice of increasing both the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as exposure to your brand, through non-paid (also known as “organic”) search engine results.

12.3% 12.3% of search
queries contain
a featured snippet
61% 61% of Google
searches are done
via mobile devices
200% Mobile searches for
“where to buy”
+ “near me”
have grown over 200%
42% 42% of SEO
professionals devote
equal time to building
internal & external links
106% Repurposing content
can increase
organic traffic
by 106%
75% 75% of users
don’t even
scroll past the
first page of
the SERPs
21% 21% of users
access more than
one of the search results
18% 18% of searchers
change their
search terms without
clicking on
any result
93% 93% of online
experiences begin
with a9
search engine
14.6% If done right,
SEO can drive a 14.6%
conversion rate
86% Google holds over 86%
of the search engine
market share
20% Up to 20% of
Google queries
are searched
for the
first time
50% 50% of search
queries contain
four or more words
32% 32% of small business
websites don’t have
an H1 tag

2021 Mobile SEO Statistics

Mobile SEO stands for mobile search engine optimisation. It’s the practice of optimising your content to achieve a better ranking for your web pages in search engine results pages (SERPs). This process helps you improve organic traffic, which is traffic coming to your site from search results.

60% 60% of Google
searches are
done via
mobile devices
51% Mobile-optimised sites
are more trusted
by 51% of consumers
27% 27% of global
online population
is using voice
search on mobile
69% 69% of smartphone
users are more
likely to buy
from companies whose
sites answer their
questions easily
57% 57% of consumers
said they
wouldn’t recommend a
business with a poorly
designed mobile website
55.73% 55.73% Smartphones
account for
55.73% of the
market share globally
27.7% SEO statistics
reveal that the
organic result on
mobile gets 27.7%
of clicks, compared
to 19.3% of
clicks on desktop

2021 Link Building Statistics

Link building is a key part of any successful SEO strategy that involves getting other websites to link to yours — a simple hyperlink from one site to another. It is also agreed by many that it is one of the hardest parts of ranking a website, whilst one of the most rewarding when you get it right.

97% Companies
with blogs
get 97%
more backlinks
77.5% Long-form content
gets 77.2% more
backlinks than
short articles
41% Link building is
the most challenging
tactic for 41%
of marketers
42% 42% of SEO
professionals devote
equal time
to building
internal &
external links


SEO is a digital marketing technique you don’t want to miss on. While it does take time to yield results, SEO statistics confirm that it is well worth the wait, considering figures on everything between brand awareness & industry authority to ROI & conversion rates.